Automate Repeatative Workflows And, Be Less Busy.

Simple and Intelligent Process Automation Platform for Business Operations
Speed and Agility are ever demanded from every aspect of work for growing business. Static, slow moving and ambiguous processes along with duplicate information flows and system silos generate poor outcomes for your customers and discourage workforce. Ostramics is a digital process automation platform to eliminate waste, boost productivity and break system silos by collaborative, contextual and Integrated automation. It’s all in-one place where business user can design and automate Approvals, On-Boarding, Access Control, Document workflows, Self-Assessment, e-Sign, Review, Compliances processes and more with utmost simplicity and flexibility.

Lightweight as a feather, Yet Powerful as Black Hole.

  • Process Flow Designer
  • Attentive Work Queues
  • External Users Engagement
  • Collaborative Knowledge
  • Contextual Widgets
  • Smart Workload Distribution
  • Data Stream Process
  • Custom Connectors

Future of Work System is Here. Right Here.


Cloud First & Only

Be worry-free from infrastructure, servers, capacity planning, logs debugging. Alway stay up to date with frequent innovations without additional charge.
Cross Boundary Workflow

Cross Boundary Workflows

Anyone can design data input forms, conditional parallel flow steps, pull or push data from other system in multi stage process across multiple functions with multiple people at any level.

Simple and Easy

Ostramics platform is designed with People first and forward thinking approach to make work fun again. It is uniquely easy to implement, configure and administer the system.
Use Cases

Next Generation ({BPM} for {Workforce}).

Ostramics is also no-code application development platform. It empowers citizen developers such that they can ideate, build, launch and iterate application in minutes.


Operational Excellence

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Tech Initiative

Technology Initiatives

  • Procurement Requests
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Travel Desk
  • Technology Provisioning
  • Appointment Booking
  • Customer On-Boarding
  • Review Marketing Collateral
  • Sales Discount Approval
  • Paid Time Off
  • Training and Development
  • Surveys and Announcement
  • Front to Back Office Integration
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Routine Compliance Processes
  • Training and Development
  • Cost-Benefit Estimator
  • Internet of Things
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Legal
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resource
  • Administration & Purchase

Ignite People Wisdom, Harness Technology Automation.

Continuous Improvement
Drag & Drop Intuitive designer allow to design and publish process faster, monitor effectiveness and improve without impact.
Empowered Workforce
Built-In Collaboration and Productivity Tools ignite proactiveness and allow people to work most productive.
Lowest Cost of Ownership
Simple and Easy Cloud Based Automation with fastest Implementation significantly cuts down unnecessary cost.
Ignite Innovations
User experience in Automation platform is designed to satisfy expectation of next generation workforce.
Control Chaos
Process automated in Ostramics delivers consistent experience and Set clear goals for Knowledge worker which reduce chaos.
Faster Decisions
Provided Context information unblock pending flow by common decision like approval or any other decision.

Drive unification by connecting unconnected.

“With no-code application development platform, we able to reduce in-efficiency in our procurement process. Platform able to capture required data, centralized information and execute multi-steps approval process. Now, We have achieved total control from previous chaos.”

Head of Operations
Implementing process automation platform boosts the success rate of your projects by 70%
Structured onboarding programs result in 58% more new employees staying with a company for more than three years.
46% of companies see business processes primarily as a way of reducing costs.
In a week, 25% time of professionals spent on manual and repeatative tasks. Rather They must focus on cognitive tasks.

Ready to empower your People and Make work fun Again?

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